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Waste No Time — Automate Your Business with AI

From customer service chatbots to predictive analytics, AI technology lets us craft software that frees employees from complex tasks. LITSLINK — a top provider of AI business solutions with 300+ tech experts — helps clients across industries to:

  • Automate processes & increase efficiency;
  • Enhance the productivity of your business by up to 40% to do more in less time;
  • Reduce operational costs by up to 20%;

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    Industries We Excel At


    As a leading Startup Laboratory, we have already helped 60+ startups to make their ideas come alive. If you are looking for top AI developers to boost your business, take advantage of our top-notch artificial intelligence services, and start your success journey with us!



    Healthcare is the industry with a vast potential for growth and innovation. And data science steps here to bring that long-waited revolution which will change the way practitioners give and patients get their medical care.


    Marketing & Retail

    Marketing is all about data, metrics and analytics. AI solutions built by LITSLINK allow our clients to enhance customer experience based on the profound knowledge of their target audience’s buying habits, background, and preferences.

    Marketing & Retail


    Financial institutions leverage the power of AI, data science, and machine learning to automate operations, improve performance, and extract valuable content from available data sets.


    LITSLINK’s cutting-edge AI solutions will skyrocket your business to success! Get more info on our artificial intelligence solutions!

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    How Your Business Can Benefit

    Make Informed Decisions

    Equipped with accurate ML models and advanced predictive algorithms, businesses now can make decisions based on quantitative and qualitative insights they gain from data analytics.

    Automate Business Processes

    The days when data analytics took lots of company’s resources have gone for good. Nowadays, ML & AI systems successfully cope with this task providing impressive accuracy and exceptional performance.

    Gain Insights

    Analyzing big data sets enables companies to stay aware of what’s happening on the market and respond to changes timely. Keep track of all the trends, spot the opportunities your rivals skip, and always be one step forward!

    Make Predictions

    Apart from accurate market analysis, you also get an excellent chance to forecast what will happen in the future. Use insights wisely to decide on your business strategy and uncover areas for improvement.

    Launch Market-Driven Solution

    With years of experience under our belts, we've worked with businesses of all sizes, including startups and SMEs, across a variety of industries. We create profitable, world-class solutions and automate operations for different niches.

    Special AI Development Process

    At LITSLINK, we use advanced tools, software and techniques to develop custom AI solutions for businesses that are perfectly tailored to your goals. This allows our experts to tackle even the most complex and challenging AI projects with ease.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Services We Provide

    Computer Vision

    Improved object detection, image analyzing and emotion recognition — these are just a few capabilities computer vision delivers to businesses. Reach out to LITSLINK for high-quality data science consulting and open up new opportunities for your company.

    Computer Vision

    Data Science

    Starting from improving customer service to predicting trends in your niche, data science is widely applied to help companies make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantages. Overcome your business challenges with top-notch data science services delivered by LITSLINK!

    Data Science

    Natural Language Processing

    Chatbots, sentiment analysis, machine translation systems and advanced search algorithms are all the byproducts of the evolving NLP revolution. Catch up with the growing trends in your niche and gain your competitive edge in the era of AI!

    Natural Language Processing

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    What our clients say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does the process look like?

    Your needs and business objectives lie in the core of our collaboration with clients.

    When you reach out to us, we analyze your request, look at the available data, and come up with a solution for your specific case. After that, we move on to the Proof of Concept stage, where we validate the idea and see whether it works for your business.
    When the solution has proven effective, we proceed with the MVP or product development stage and decide on the basic functionality, feature set, etc. Upon product delivery, you get a fully functional AI solution tailored to your needs and expectations.

    2. How much does it cost to develop an AI solution?

    Estimating the cost of an AI software development project is not an easy task. The price might vary depending on the data available for the software implementation, 项目的复杂性, the number of engineers in a team, expected output, etc. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the tools and instruments that our specialists will apply to build your product.

    Although it is hard to provide any rough figures without any project details, we will give you an idea of price ranges on the market. While a FB bot can be estimated somewhere between $12-15K with a monthly subscription fee of $400-800, an AI-powered search platform will cost you $10-100K depending on the features and functionality of your product. Contact us with your request, and we will provide you with accurate project estimation

    3. What is the range of your artificial intelligence services?

    Whether you want to build a simple chatbot or looking for a custom solution to strengthen your business, our team of experienced AI engineers will be able to meet your request. Our portfolio comprises dozens of projects from various industries, healthcare, marketing, startups, fintech, and more.

    We are also proud to have extensive expertise in computer vision, natural language processing, and data science. Regardless of your needs, our specialists will provide you with top-notch AI services within an optimal timeframe.

    4. What technologies do you use?

    Python, Tensorflow and PyTorch lie at the core of our expertise. Our development team is proficient in all the state-of-the-art techs and aware of the latest trends on the market.

    Thus, if you are looking for high-quality AI consulting from seasoned pros, schedule a discovery call with our specialist and they will advise you on the best way to meet your request.

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